Can Family and Systemic Psychotherapy Help Me?

Family and Systemic Psychotherapists work with people experiencing multiple difficulties, sometimes across generations, with very complex presentations, that don’t fit neatly into traditional diagnostic categories. Systemic Family Therapy is helpful in the treatment of;

adult, child and adolescent mental health problems including  psycho-somatic problems, conduct problems, ADHD, emotional difficulties, eating disorders, schizophrenia, depression, bi-polar disorder, OCD, PTSD

physical ill-health and disability

parental mental health difficulties in families

behavioural difficulties

abuse and neglect


substance misuse


poverty and social marginalisation

the needs of ‘looked after’ children

family and couple relationship difficulties

changing family structures

Systemic Family Therapy forms the basis for intensive family-based interventions such as Multi Systemic Therapy (Hengeller, 2002) and Functional Family Therapy (Alexander et al, 2002) and for new methods for targeting change in safeguarding services (Goodman & Trowler, 2012).  Systemic Family Therapy is highly cost-effective, with evidence of dramatic reductions in health care use among previously ‘high utilises’ (Crane, 2008, 2012). Systemic Family Therapy has improved engagement rates (Carr, 2009a, 2009b), lower drop-out rates,  (Leff et al, 2000; Hamilton et al, 2011) and proven reductions in relapse and readmission, (Sydow et al, 2010).