Family Therapy Testimonials  

“It takes courage to say to your family maybe therapy might help us. A turning point for me was when I saw that not as failure but as a gesture of love. We cared enough to try. We’ve sorted lots of stuff out between us, and we did it together”.  Mr X


“We both experienced a sense of growth towards mutual understanding. We felt able to include our children and confront difficult, sensitive issues.”  Ms Y


Mum: ‘”What’s helped, what’s different? Prior to family therapy my relationship with my son was at breaking point. Now, six month’s on, we’re listening to each other, getting on better. We have a different type of relationship.’”

Son: “I’m more appreciative of my Mum, want to make it easier for her. Having my sister in sessions gave a different perspective.”

Sister: “I  found the family session’s valuable as it gave me and my family a chance to sit down together and discuss issues in the home that we would not have otherwise. The meetings then gave us the chance to think about how we could do things differently day to day to improve life at home for everyone. They’ve made us all more considerate towards each other and this has meant we are more comfortable with discussing life at home.”